Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Howdy all
I'm back on the straight and narrow again. I had a few days where I was having some tummy troubles, and I was eating nothing but toast....but on Saturday, after feeling sick all day.....Richard and I went out to dinner....and I only had 4 points left.  I thought "I'll just order a salad"....famous last words.  I felt too sicky in the tummy to munch on greenery, so decided a plain pizza would suit me a lot better.  Woodfired, if you don't mind.  Mmm...Cellar 47 does great pizzas.   Anyway....18 points later, I've racked up a massive 38 points for the day.  Whoops.  But....Richard and I went for a walk, and that's got to have burnt off at least 1/2 a point. heheh.

Then, we decided to go for coffee.  I am a pest to the coffee chick at McDonalds and ask for a skim decaf cappuchino.  (Yes I know that's a really annoying drink to make, but we all know about me and caffeine). I contemplated my order, Richard asked for a piece of cookies and cream cheesecake.  Dear reader, I had to have some.  So I did.  Another 8 points. aiiee!! But, the slip has been stopped and I've reduced my points by 4 each day to make up for the feast.  Phew.  PLus, I'm thinking that if I just stay the same this week instead of lose weight, that'll be ok.  I am still not exercising heaps....I've still been feeling a lil unwell...but went swimming with Alex today and will start again tomorrow. 

I was really active today though, went grocery shopping and cooked 3 meals for later on in the week, and figured out all the points and put them in containers with the points on them.  I'm stuuuuffed now!

Start my new job tomorrow...wish me luck!!

Ps Novak Djokovic reminds me of Richard, although his honker is a lot bigger.  By honker, I mean nose.  Ok, I'm gonna stop now. bye!

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