Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Dreadful end to the crazy day!

Oh dear.....I am being most irrational today. Not good. I hate fighting, yet I seem to be so good at it. Why is that? You know, I can always think up something horrible to say or a way to put the other person down. Maybe it's my unhappy teenage years spent whiling the hours away thinking up horrible insults to say to the blonde surfie chicks who called me names.

I remember I had some Dolly and Girlfriend magazines, and I had brought them along to the rehearsals of the musical I was in. I thought that would make me pretty popular, so imagine my distress when I heard a few of the surfie chicks say to each other "! Whose are they?" "I think they belong to that fat chick"...........yes...that is the stuff that angst is made of.

I also remember another time where I was walking along the school corridors feeling a little insecure (I had pulled one side of my hair up with a comb and thought I looked ok). I walked past the friends of the latest guy I had a crush on and one of them yelled out "Ya fat piece of sh1t!". Again - angsty!!

Isn't it funny that I still remember that? Or is it just creepy. I also remember the time that the group I was sitting with at lunchtime, one of the girls said that the group had decided that I and two other girls were not welcome to sit with them anymore (I think we were dragging the cool-ness average down).......Oh the horror! And the revenge I plotted to avenge this rejection! Alas, none of it came to fruition. One of the girls who was also kicked out took this badly and ignored me from then on. She is now one of my friends on Facebook. Isn't life funny!


Medsie said...

Oh bestie! I love this blog, hehe.

Talk about Mean Girls...!! Evil, evil people we went to school with. I have just remembered...a boy teased me because my mum had an artificial leg! LOL! What is wrong with people???

This is why I have *not* added any such 'friends' from high school to my Facebook, except for you and Richard! :)

Deb said...

Hey bestone....yes, people from Highschool were very cruel at times. Why were they so horrid and we were so great? Hmmm I don't know. Thanks for your comment. You are da shitzzzz.