Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hot hot hot, just for a change!

Well today was another stinker. I'm trying to make sure I eat well and exercise more in 2008, so Richard and Alex and I all decided to walk to the shops and back (hmm, that seems to be all I do!).....that was nice. We have booked the Bourne Ultimatum for tonight.

Yesterday I ended up going over to Mum and Dad's place to have lunch with Mum and Nan. We hung out and Alex was being very cute. Got home and there was time for Alex to have a nap and me to sit down with a tall glass of iced water and the latest copy of Who. Mum's got me hooked, I always used to be a NW gal, but have changed. I'm trying to convince Richard to get us a subscription so I don't spend too much money on magz.

Our friends Darren and Kate and their beautiful bub Roree will be coming over later this arvo to have a swim in the pool. The kids love the pool so much, it's gorgeous.

Apart from that I have been finally emailing people who I've put off replying to for ages...not cause I didn't want to talk to them but cause it seemed like too much effort. I am such a procrastinator at times. Or all the time. hehe.

Alex is asleep and I am reading Jason Donovan's biography. It's quite interesting and he's very frank. I like that in a book. hmmm I think I could fall asleep but I fear that Alex will awake soon. Best to stay up. I'm fairly happy today. Yay!

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ang said...

hello!! nice blog :) i particularly like the christmas hat he he he. Its been very humid here but not as hot as Finner!