Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Monday was housework day. How thrilling (note sarcasm)..

Yup, so yesterday I got all motivated and did three, count them three, loads of washing! stripped the bed and changed the sheets.... unpacked the dishwasher, roamed around and picked up toys and bits and pieces. I hate it so much but I must admit that the end result is soo good. Makes me feel like I have truimphed. Triumph over the house to Xena the warrior princess!

Oh dear. I think I smell that smell, the lovely smell that we know as..."nappy change time". Richard did the first nappy for the day and when he'd changed it, he said "hmm, that was a pretty small one. Wouldn't be surprised if there was more to come". hehe. It doesn't seem to be bothering Alex too much, he's climbing all over his toy tractor as if he has not a care in the world. So now I must go and attack him....bring him kicking and screaming into the nursery, rip off his clothes, tussle with his flailing limbs, rip his nappy off, and keep him from grabbing his nappy and spraying poo everywhere, keep his hands away from his pooey bum while holding his legs in one hand and trying to wipe with the other. After the tanty, he will smile and toddle away happily. I however, will shake my head and hope that other mothers find it as hard as I do....or am I just crap at it? Oh, the insecurity of motherhood. It would be great if you could take a course and had a manual. As people keep saying to me, you make it up as you go along...whatever suits you and the baby is the best thing, not what other people think.

There is a lady I know who is very competitive with her baby and always pushing her to get to the next milestone and gloating if/when she does. I hope her baby doesn't grow up with some sort of inferiority complex. Although sometimes I do, and think ha ha ha, that would serve you right. What a nasty person!

One of my fabulous good friends from Melbs rang last night, she is part of the gang of four of us from ANU in 1994 (that means I have known her for 14 years, truly scary!)....and she is up the duff!! very exciting! Cause no matter how great your mothers group friends are, it is always wonderful when someone you have known forever has a bub......you feel like you can really unleash what you truly think. I am so excited for them! I've told her she has to have a girl so that she and Alex can get married. Not that I'm a pushy mum either...... :)

Today I'm off to the gym and grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is always something that requires a bit of girding of the loins, it requires preparation (a list, Alex's bag full of food and drink) and determination. He hates being tied down at the moment and being stuck in a trolley is no exception. My gorgeous cousin Hayley came along with me last week and helped to entertain Alex. She's so great. Today, alas I am Hayley-less and must muddle along solo. I usually let him play with the keys if he gets really upset, or resort to opening a packet of biscuits and giving him one.

Hmm, best go as that smell is starting to linger. Have a great day everyone!

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Alli said...

NO NO NO Deb!!!! You are not the only one that does the nappy change fight!!! I go through EXACTLY the same thing when changing Allison. I am pretty sure all mothers do